"Coming to your favorite OKC listening room, the highly anticipated unveiling of the Papa Nooch Band...with an accompanying album release for the occasion.."   The Edmond Sun

When he was a young teenager, just like so many others his age, John Carnuccio, a.k.a “Papa Nooch,” saw the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time. And just like so many others his age, he knew immediately what he wanted to do…. get a guitar, learn how to play and become a Beatle, which is exactly what he did (except for the Beatle part of course). With a couple of friends he formed a band and played high school dances, carnivals, and battles of the bands. 


And just like so many others his age, after high school he went to college, got married, and tried to make a career of music, playing full time in clubs and bars. But after becoming a father he realized in order to properly support a growing family he would need to get a ‘real’ job, which turned into a forty-year business career and a move to Oklahoma, where he has lived since 1989. 


But the passion for music burned deep in his soul and along the way he met fellow musicians Cam McLain, Michelle Lopez, Burke Martin, Mike Duncan and Ralph Heatly, who shared similar life paths and passion. They formed a band called Zero2sixty and played concerts, clubs and festivals throughout Oklahoma.


Now John is a retired CEO and Zero2sixty has become Papa Nooch Band, and is making its own brand of original music for anyone who will listen. Their first release is a ten original song album called Elk Mountain, with all songs written by Carnuccio. The stories and images in the songs tell tales of life, love and friendship, in an American rock and roll style. They perform their music at corporate events. clubs and concert venues and the album is available on all online music platforms.