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Papa Nooch Band (PNB) has been together for over ten years playing music venues and events throughout Oklahoma. Formerly known as Zero2sixty, the band released its first album of original music, titled Elk Mountain, in 2019 and rebranded to its current name. PNB has a vast song list of classic rock and Americana cover tunes spanning the ages from the 1960s on. They also have several original songs in addition to those on Elk Mountain that they are in the process of recording for future album releases. Everyone in the band is an experienced and accomplished musician, which enable a vast assortment of song styles ranging from the Beatles and Temptations to Little Big Town and Bonnie Raitt. They are comfortable in any venue environment from bars and clubs to festivals and country clubs and always get great reviews. Besides their web page,, they can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.


Michelle Lopez            Vocals and Percussion

Michelle hails originally from Meriden, CT but now lives in Edmond OK. Her musical career began in church, singing with her dad in a folk group choir that she led. She also did some local community theatre, and sang at weddings. After moving to Oklahoma she joined a band called Fusion. Fusion became Zero2sixty and eventually Papa Nooch Band.  Michelle is one of the primary lead vocalists in the band and also plays an assortment of percussion instruments. 


Mike Duncan            Bass Guitar and Vocals

Mike grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma but now resides in Oklahoma City. He got his first guitar in the 3rd grade and later majored in music at Cameron University. After high school he began “gigging for a living” and over the years has played in numerous rock, jazz, and country bands and even toured for a while throughout the southwest. Besides the bass, Mike is also an accomplished guitarist and vocalist.


Ralph Heatly                        Guitar

Ralph was born in San Antonio, TX but graduated high school in Mangum, OK. He now calls Edmond, OK home. He began playing guitar in junior high school and later, while attending Oklahoma State University, he plugged into the Stillwater music scene with his band, The Changing Times. In addition to his great guitar chops, Ralph is an accomplished recording engineer and producer and runs his own studio in Edmond.


Burke Martin                        Drums and Percussion

Burke is a native of Oklahoma City and still calls it home. He began playing drums when he was 10 years old and got his first drum kit when he was 13. In high school he played on the drum line, the jazz band and the school orchestra. Because of his drumming he was voted most talented his senior year. After high school he played with various local rock bands and recorded with the band Loss of Hearing, a power trio. Through church he eventually met some of the members of  the band Zero2sixty and the rest is history.



Cam McLain                        Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals

Cam was born and raised in Oklahoma City but now calls Edmond, OK his home. While attending the University of Oklahoma he picked up the guitar and began playing at different jam sessions with other musicians. Eventually he started playing at church where he met other members of the band Zero2sixty, which he ended up joining. Besides playing acoustic and electric guitar, Cam also plays harmonica and sings.  



John Carnuccio            Guitar, Piano, Vocals and Songwriter

John was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in New Jersey.  While in high school he learned to play guitar, started his first band and wrote his first songs. He played in various bands and toured the Northeast off and on until he moved to Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, he joined the band Fusion with Michelle Lopez and they have performed together ever since. John is the other primary lead vocalist in the band and besides songwriting and guitar he also plays piano. 

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